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Re:TAX!!! Important

    Jan 18 2010 21:12:47


    Ian S

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    Hi Frances,
    We have a similar problem here in the UK. Our prices all include VAT at 17.5% which should be charged to all EU countries, but deducted for anywhere else.
    The tax set up includes a button to click when tax is included, and also a further tick box under option 8 that SHOULD remove the tax for non EU countries and also EU customers with a valid VAT number (businesses).
    However it doesn't work properly.
    It correctly spots the non EU customers and also those in the EU with a valid VAT number - the tax field is set to zero for these customers, but the subtotal of the goods prices and the overall total still includes the tax. It's a major pain to edit every non EU order in mOrders.
    GT did suggest a work-around but it really didn't suit our setup.

    Posting prices net of vat is not an option for us as there are hundreds of buttons.

    Showing the VAT as a negative value therefore deducting it from the total would be fine and offer us a solution, but we can't get it to do that.

    If anyone out there has found a solution wed sure be glad to hear it.