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Not receiving Mal's Email Notification

    Jan 20 2010 16:14:16



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    Since Jan. 18th, I have stopped receiving email notifications of orders from Mal's. I am getting the Verisign/Paypal confirmation email, but I rely on Mal's to breakdown the order specifically and retrieve other info. Having to manually download each one.

    Is there something I can do? Is it a cache issue? I even changed one of the email addresses on the account to see if that was a problem, but it is not going out at all.

    Thanks for any help on this!

    Jan 20 2010 16:55:31



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    I'm pretty sure if was a problem on a particular server, we would have had a few hundred people saying the same thing Jennifer.
    I'd check any spam filtering / junk box etc for any signs...

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    Jan 20 2010 17:57:34



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    GT said I'm pretty sure if was a problem on a particular server, we would have had a few hundred people saying the same thing Jennifer.
    I'd check any spam filtering / junk box etc for any signs...

    I have and its not coming through at all. I just emailed Mal's as well and noticed there were some old posts about an entirely separate problem that I'm having in addition to not receiving email notifications anymore. It was a problem with Verisign and people thinking that their transaction was declined and it turned out to be an issue on the Mal's server. Don't know if these problems are related, but they started at the same time.

    Feb 01 2010 16:53:10



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    I've been having a similar issue. For about the last 2 weeks, the remote call feature doesn't seem to be working, after functioning for a number of years.

    The remote call accesses a script which sends out an email to our sales reps, and no emails have been received for the past 2 weeks.

    I turned on the test feature and did an order this morning but so far there has been no email from the shopping cart to show the remote call results. I have checked spam filters to make sure I didn't miss it.

    Feb 02 2010 03:29:52



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    It is not necessarily a problem on Mal's side; it could be a problem with your remote call script. Perhaps something changed on your server (I've had instances when a web host provider does an upgrade that causes scripts to stop working).

    The best way to test a remote call script is to create a form that posts to your remote call script with the same fields Mal's passes.

    Feb 02 2010 17:28:10



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    As the original poster, I corrected this one problem, but now today (Feb 2, 2010) I am not receiving the order notifications. It just stopped. I have not touched the script and neither has my hosting server. Any leads?

    Feb 07 2010 03:03:40



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    I only use PayPal. PayPal [usually!] sends me mail when the buyer pays for the order. There is no fancy stuff - no scripts to do anything beyond this. Mal's sends buyers to PayPal and Mal's stores the order. Mal's does NOT know if the buyer paid or not.

    BUT since I have Mal's cart set up to send email to the buyer and to me, I get the order mail from Mal's - or I DID - but no more. I do not know about the buyer but the 2 email addresses I have set in Mal's (my boss & me) as recipients of cart mail have not gotten mail from the cart in ages.

    NO mail from the cart means If PayPal fails to email, I know nothing!

    Mal's sending me order mail DID work for years but no more. I have NO IDEA what changed or why Mal's stopped sending me order notices. Art least the cart still does collect the order.

    Any ideas?

    Feb 07 2010 06:38:21


    Nigel B

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    Hi guys I also am having the ssme problem. It does take a while sometimes to realise the notifications arnt working. I only realised when a customer told me they never got their notification. I since found several others that I didnt know about. I will check all my sites now and make sure I havnt missed any others.