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Re:Please Help: All Payflow/Verisign Orders Declined

    Jan 20 2010 23:46:46



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    crienks said I have contacted Verisign (PayFlow) and they said that everything is fine on their end. They have a record of all orders coming through up until a few hours ago where they just stopped. So they are not even getting anything. Thus, it appears the issue is on Mal's end. I have tried emailing Mal but we are getting nervous as we are now losing a lot of sales.

    This is pretty much the same problem I am having except it has been going on all week. It is NOT my hosting server because Mal's is on their own server and its between the Mal's and Verisign servers. Verisign is processing the transactions, and recording them so the issue is with Mal's. How can this be fixed? I am on the ww12 server and it takes forever to go from the page where you put in your credit card info to where you receive the declined message. It's like Mal's server is timing out....Verisign is processing transactions just to state that again. It is not on their end!