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What do I need? CC data from Mals to QB

    Jan 22 2010 23:19:31



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    I currently use Mals QuickBooks download manager with a free account (it passes order, customer, etc. directly into QB - if I upgrade to Premium will the download manager pass credit card data also?

    Or will Mals Premium cart pass credit card data to an Excel file?

    Can that Excel file then be imported into QuickBooks?

    Will mOrders pass CC data to an Excel file?

    If I have a QB Merchant Services account can I then process the cards through QB without paying for a gateway service (like I do now using Nova/Elavon with PC terminal software)

    Anybody using a good solution? I have been doing just fine without a gateway and was hoping QB could replace my terminal software and eliminate the cut and paste of CC data.

    Would sure appreciate any advice.