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myvirtualmerchant/viaklix billing address problem

    Sep 30 2008 23:04:37



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    Hi, We recently set up automatic credit card processing with mals-e cart and myvirtualmerchant (viaklix). The issue that we have run into is this:

    Mvm does not accept a billing street address that is more than 20 characters long. If it is more than 20 characters, the order is not accepted and the customer is redirected to an error message of mvm. In other words, 24 main street is accepted, but if the customer has a billing address of, say, 25436 West Belafontaine Ave, they canít place an order with us.

    We contacted mvm, and they said that the solution would be either to:
    a) direct the customer to make use of the 2nd address box if they have a longer address or
    b) write a script that will truncate the address to the first 8 characters (thatís all the server needs).

    Option b makes more sense, but we canít figure out how to do either with mals cart. Has anyone run into this problem before or perhaps have any suggestions on a way through it?
    Thanks a lot.