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Maybe this will help some...

    Oct 02 2008 12:48:01



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    I use Mal's on several sites of my own. I see that there are those here who are trying to add the codes to their sites, possibly ones they have built themselves, and have several problems with codes, shipping issues and affiliate additions.
    My web host has templates and a fill in the blank process that is so easy to use and their integration with Mal's takes so much of the frustration of figuring it out myself. No buttons to create--no product code to build--and Mal's takes care of online and offline credit processing (I can key in my sales manually since I already have a physical store with a merchant acct).
    If anyone can use the tip, just go to
    to see an actual site built with many of the features you are looking for here. This site also has an affiliate program integrated with Mal's so payment for my affiliates is seamless.
    Hope this will be of use to someone.

    Oct 13 2008 02:47:57


    Sherri Owen

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    Many of us offer this same system, Jay ;)

    Sherri Owen
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