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No tax for non-profit customers?

    Oct 02 2008 16:52:18



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    Hi, I am just setting up the Mal's free shopping cart. We need to charge tax to Minnesota residents. But how can I allow Minnesota non-profit (tax-free) customers to not be taxed? First, how to set this up, and second, is there a way of them identifying themselves without setting up an account (which I assume cannot be done with the free cart). Thanks for your help! Christy

    Oct 08 2008 04:52:31



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    I just wanted to add that I have been wondering if there is a way to use the voucher system to do this. We could issue a number to those non-profits who have registered with us. They could enter it as a voucher. But there is not a "tax free" selection in the voucher set-up. I could put in a percentage discount, but their receipt will still look like they were charged tax. Is it possible to have the tax removed rather than the shipping? Thanks in advance for any advice! Christy

    Oct 10 2008 15:36:23



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    You can just tell those specific customers to choose No State or Provence when they check out in the shopping cart. That list is what genterates the cart to charge tax.

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