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Re:no emails

    Feb 02 2010 23:28:03



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    GT said Has anyone though to email Mal about this?

    That was the first thing I did and only turned to the forum when I got no answer from Mal to see if it was just me or others too.

    Still no answer from Mal.

    Since 7.30pm this evening (Tuesday) emails have started to come through but none of the missing ones (around 16 orders) have come through.

    I have had to go into the account and copy and paste those orders into seperate emails to send to myself so I have them for my records and to the customers for their records. Unfortunately I had downloaded a couple before I knew about this so had to almost hand write those emails to send to myself and the customers.

    I know email is not 100% and all companies have problems (servers going down or power outages) but I would have expected an answer from Mal or a post on this forum as soon as they knew there was a problem.

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