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    Oct 03 2008 14:34:33



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    hi all!!!

    okay, so i used mal's several years ago with another site that i built and i recall it being easy as pie to use. however, now i am having the hardest time getting my buttons to work on my product pages and need help so i can get my new site up and begin earning money again.

    i sell one of a kind items so all i need is a simple add to cart option and a view cart option on my product pages. i have the images created and just need to figure out where in the html form that the images go to correctly work and show up. i am also a bit confused on how i get my continue shopping image link to show up when your in the cart and any help with that will be much appreciated too.

    this is what i have, please dont laugh. :)

    <form action=""; method="post">
    <input name="userid" type="hidden" value="E829917" />
    <input name="product" type="hidden" value="MISS LOLA DRESS" />
    <input name="price" type="hidden" value="88.00" />
    <input name="return" type="hidden" value=""; />
    <input name="submit2" type=""; value="" />

    so my question is, can someone who knows this like the back of their hand please take a little time to tell me what goes where in the html form? once i can get that correct then it will be a piece of cake. and in theuserid part do i put my shopping cart username? and what goes in the return in place of im just so confused.

    here is one of the pages i want to add the buttons to:
    i want the buttons to go below the sku#, preferably side by side.
    i dont need any options or anything just click to add to cart and view cart. if anyone could reply with the correct html and what i need to enter in the form and where so that only my buttons show up but when clicked they work right i will be oh so greatful. :)

    thank you for taking the time to read my post.
    miss james.

    Oct 03 2008 17:32:06



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    for one, the return value should be a link to the page you want the customer to return to after adding to cart which would be:


    Doug D
    Smartlab Software