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Re:no emails

    Feb 04 2010 16:30:16



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    Problems with email notifications started here as well just a couple days ago.
    Some order notifications don't come in by email or they do and have the following bit of info attached to them.

    Delivery failure to <> ...
    Date: 2/4/2010 9:19:31 AM Eastern Standard Time
    Sent from the Internet (Details)

    When trying to deliver your message, the mail server at encountered
    problems with the following addresses:

    For <>, Site ( said after data sent: 554 5.2.1 : (DYN:T1)

    Final-Recipient: rfc822;
    Action: failed
    Status: 5.0.0
    Diagnostic-code smtp; Site ( said after data sent: 554 5.2.1 : (DYN:T1)

    I have had some cusomters not getting order confirmation emails as well.
    Very annoying, hope this resolves soon.
    But at least all my orders are showing up in my Mals account.