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Variables included in the remote call

    Feb 18 2010 04:12:25


    David H

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    Hello, I am following up to this post:

    I have a database and have added stock codes as well as quantity of my products in inventory. Now I just need to create a remote call script to update my tables after a sale, which I can do.

    My question:

    What variables are included with the remote call feature and how do I access them? I noticed in the post and answer above they are accessed in order in an array, but you'd need to know what variables are included and in what order. In the example listed there are 4 variables taken from the remote call. Are there more available and in what order do they arrive? Or can I access them by name, to make it easier to just access one or two variables.

    Thank you!

    Feb 18 2010 05:23:14


    Debbie Q

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    Does this support page help?

    Debbie Q

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    Feb 18 2010 05:34:09


    David H

    Join date : 2009-12-16      Posts : 24

    thanks Debbie I looked at the page ten times, including the variable list but didn't recognize that the array in the previous example thread was coming from the "cart" variable and all those other variables were accessible until now. Mind blank. Thanks and now I realize it was right in front of me the whole time.