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County tax?

    Oct 06 2008 22:07:32


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    Was surprised when I searched the forums for the word "county" and not a single match. I have a customer that is trying to collect sales taxes for the State of Florida. I have the State tax working OK... but apparently certain Counties also have an additional tax.

    How to do this? Do I need to figure out a way to ask the user for their County and then look it up manually? Or how are you guys handling County Tax?

    - Scott

    Oct 07 2008 01:46:20


    Mark J Anderson

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    I'm in Wisconsin and we only have to collect local county sales tax as an Internet based company. I collect 5.5% (5% state and 0.5% county) on any order placed from within Wisconsin and nothing on orders placed from outside the state. I then remit the 0.5% portion of the tax to my own county, not to the counties where the consumers are located. Not sure what Florida law mandates though.

    Good luck with that.

    Oct 11 2008 05:09:36


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    Hi Mark. That is a great point... I will check into that and see if that solves the problem. The customer may be looking at this totally wrong. FYI, I'm in Wisconsin too... but doing a site for a customer in Florida. :)

    Thanks for taking time to reply!

    - Scott

    Oct 14 2008 00:27:06



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    Technically you are supposed to collect for county taxes in Florida. I have never figured out how to do this, for website how are you supposed to collect the data for what county every city town is in. Crazy if you ask me.

    Personally I only collect taxes for the county I live in. Haven't had a problem yet. But my Florida sales are very low volume.

    Oct 14 2008 02:40:03


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    The customer gave me this additional info... it would appear that if she is to follow the letter of the law, that I will not be able to use Mal's.


    As far as the Tax is concerned, the contact at the tax department suggested adding a field on the order form for Florida Residents to enter their county, and then calculate the tax from what they enter. Would it be possible to have the customer's order default to the correct tax based on the zip code they enter? I would imagine there is a zip code chart somewhere that can be accessed. I have a document that lists all of the counties in Florida along with their surtax percentages.



    - Scott