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Can Form Submit go to another pg on my site?

    Oct 07 2008 22:53:36



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    I have an iframe set up on a "Shopping Cart" page on my site. The frame links to my Mal's cart with no problem.

    On my product pages, I need the form submit to go to the "Shopping Cart" page to display the cart contents. What code do I need to place where?

    I haven't been able to find much useful info anywhere that pertains to integrating Mal's on your own site using iframes. (I've used this cart for a long time, but never in this format.)

    Any links, directions, info would be *greatly* appreciated! Thanks.

    Oct 08 2008 04:55:47


    Mark J Anderson

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    Got a link to your website for us so anyone who wants to help can peruse your code?

    Oct 08 2008 15:12:51



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    take a look at

    Oct 10 2008 13:45:57



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    Thanks for the site example, Suzet. I'm having trouble deciphering where in the code you have the direct go to your iframe. Did you use a java script for this?

    My work in progress is located at . I'm in the process of re-designing with CCS, but the cart code will be the same. I may just forget about the cart in the iframe and let it open in Mal's.

    Oct 10 2008 16:19:52



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    no javascript:
    in the order form:
    <input type="hidden" name="nocart"></input>
    <input type="hidden" name="return" value=""></input>;

    in ''winkelwagentje.asp'' :
    the Iframe <iframe src="";