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Re:mOrders packing slip

    Mar 04 2010 18:41:05


    Ian S

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    Hi Nick,

    Morers will print every order that is currently displayed in the main window (as you've probably discovered when your print went nuts!)

    So to print ooff a report for one order yopu need to show just that order in the main window.

    Easiest way is to tick the box iin the 'selected' column for that order, then click on the drop-down arrow at the right hand side of the column header. Then select'true'. this will show just the order you indicated and you can print it off.

    Morders is great for printing off batches of orders in this way - has reolutionised our business.

    However we have never got the e mail system to work -wish we could. Maybe you could help us with that?