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Re:Using Mal's with Cardsave

    Mar 12 2010 14:15:43


    Mal Stewart

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    I've not heard of them before. They are pretty vague about who they are on their website: "Cardsave was formed in 1995 by an independent retailer frustrated by the high costs of credit and debit card processing available for his business". On their legal page their name is "Cardsave Group Limited" which was registed in 2007.

    Their eCart in Box system claims to have 15yrs experience and 30,000. That's a lot for a system that is "Comming soon"! :)

    They are a reseller for Natwest/RBS/Streamline so they maybe reselling Worldpay too. Worldpay is sometimes sold completely re-branded. But I'm just guessing.

    If they are just starting out though I would preach caution, the industry is completely unregulated in the UK, remember the airline Globespan last year.


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