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Re:Error: UserID not found

    Mar 17 2010 10:31:28



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    Alan said Your data has review in the form statement. Is this the form (presumably with form end and a button somewhere) that is giving the error?

    By the way you don't have to log out to lose the ability to post. Unlike the old forum, there's an annoying timeout that kills you. You have to log in again.
    ww12 seems to be the right server.

    ....Yes, that was only part of the code, the part that seemed to be troublesome.

    This forum loss of function is aggravating. After posting to Debbie, although the quote and edit options were available and I was obviously logged in, I could not post. I did go back to My Account home page and was able to get back to posting this without needing to logout and log in again.