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Re:Offering a sample pack with free shipping.

    Mar 22 2010 19:53:11


    Michael Schwab

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    Alan said You could use discountpr and put the price up for quantities above 1. Add a message that only one sample is available at that price with free shipment.

    Make sure the scode is unique. I think at one time any products that used discountpr and had the same scode were lumped together.

    Alan , thanks~

    I no sooner posted this, someone did it~
    I can get the free shipoing to work, no problem, but how do I get the cart to calculate shipping when they change the quantity to "2" at summary? Therein lies my problem...the cart doesn't know to add postage after the fact...

    also, I need to know where is a link to view and try the discountpr code setup or addmulti.cfm?