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Re:Need new gateway - goodbye paypal

    Oct 11 2008 23:04:11


    Michael Schwab

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    kenfuzed: We've had that happen to us as recently as 2 weeks ago-they debited our account twice for one transaction when I used our debit card at the Post took about 3 days to get them to adjust it, and no logic explanation as to how it happened...

    3 customers this week had transactions through our cart rejected by Paypal, and not sure why. They had tried to use a credit card without having a paypal account, Paypal was unable to confirm the payment (without a bank account for the Buyer) , and then had to call and give us a credit card anyway.

    I'll have to look into Paypal Pro, but didn't want to pay additional fees for using additonal services...

    on another note:

    I've been using Paypal Multi-order shipping for all our credit card customers who don't use Paypal and like it. BUT it occured to me that if I use Click N Ship through, and use my Paypal debit card to pay for it, I get my 1% cash-back rewards for the transaction, on top of the online discount for label purchases...I'm using Click n Ship for now until Paypal gets a grip on their charges.