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I don't want to show Quantities in the cart

    Oct 12 2008 18:30:20



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    I have a 25 row multi array application form, where I need to gather all the applicants Details and past records etc, together with another array where the applicant can select a Class (each Class is priced differently) which they wish to enter.

    When the 'Buy Now' is hit, all the details are added to the cart and ALL show a quantity of 1 and a price of 00.00, together with the Class they have entered showing a quantity of 1 and their application fee of 45.78.

    Is there any way that the coding for my 'Form Posting' can be altered so as NOT to show a quantity for the applicants details and just show a single quantity and cost for the Class which they have listed.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

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    Oct 14 2008 00:33:16



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    instead of using qty, use noqty... and then modify using one of the following values

    1 - no qty box
    2 - a checkbox (so people can remove the item)
    3 - a checkbox and the qty

    Oct 14 2008 09:18:04



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    Yes I am aware of those options, but I have seen where someone has used a java script 'bulk buy' which compiles all the 20 'products' and then lists all 20 lines of products in the shopping cart and only shows a single quantity box of 1 for the whole list.

    Any further help most appreciated.

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    Oct 15 2008 03:20:24



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    I have a unique script I wrote for a client that has the products listed and beside them is a check box and the products price. By default al the boxes are ticked and you see a running total down the bottom as well a qty box. If you change the quantity value it changes it for every product with a tick against it