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All items posting to order page

    Mar 26 2010 04:38:09



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    Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong - I want each line item to be able to be added to a cart - but no matter if I select one line item or all of them - they ALL post to the cart. I'm sure it's something simple?

    Mar 26 2010 05:20:01


    Debbie Q

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    You are using an addmulti form but you have a button for each line. Addmulti adds all products with one click.

    If you are going to have a submit button for each line then each line has to start with a form method and end with a </form> after the button. Your form method should be add.cfm and you would not need product numbers.

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    Mar 26 2010 13:13:12



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    Thanks Debbie - but on your example here ( - it is using addmulti.

    I changed it to add, and added the form method (and the /form at the end) to each line, but then when I tested it - I got errors of price syntax not set (although it was, on each item, the only thing I changed was to add the form statement to each item).

    I changed it back to addmulti on each line, and now it works.

    After sleeping on it overnight - I still need to simplify the form more - it's confusing - but then that's not a MALS problem! Thanks for your help!

    Mar 26 2010 14:34:44



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    The page is a bit of a mess Belinda, you've put forms inside a table, plus a load of other errors:

    The structure should be:
    <input items....>

    You're using addmulti for single products.

    I'd change:
    <option value="--select--">
    <option value="">
    that will prevent anything showing in the cart as nothing has been selected.


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