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duplicating addresses in cart

    Mar 26 2010 09:36:11



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    We have it so customers can put a separate delivery address if need be. Up to now, if there was no delivery address those fields were blank.

    For some reason all our orders today have come through with the card holders details repeated in the delivery address. Bit annoying as we have to look harder to see if it is a different address or not - and the printing uses more ink :-)

    We always have got one or two (form fillers or thick people) but this is every single one and it makes you wonder if something has gone wrong and it automatically filling it in and possibly overwriting a truly different delivery address.

    Anyone else had this problem? Is it a something that Mal has changed for a (possibly) valid reason and not told us?

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    Mar 26 2010 20:48:16



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    Mal may have made a change. For us, this has always been dependent on the payment method. With both invoice and shipping fields are always filled in even if they are the same. With non-secure payments, the shipping fields are only filled in if it is different from the invoice fields.