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Accepting card payments - who's best?

    Oct 13 2008 09:49:27



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    I'm looking into accepting credit and debit card payments through some kind of service other than Nochex and Paypal. I'm looking to see what the options are, but I'm getting confused!

    It's really hard to choose given that none of these companies are being transparent in what their pricing structures are.

    Are they going to save me money in the long run, bearing in mind how onerous Paypal and Nochex fees can seem?

    Or would it be a lot of fiddling about!

    I run my business in my spare time, so it's fairly small. I get an average of two or three orders a day.

    Oct 13 2008 16:38:36



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    Check for merchant services from the bank you use either for your business or personal bank account. The rates are usually lower and most banks have someone in house that you can talk to about the cost, etc....which is nice.

    I have used First Data online, they are reasonable for small merchants.

    I use an online gateway from my bank now, the processing is faster and the rate slightly lower, and just enter orders manually since I only have a small # of orders per day also. I also like the manual entry to double check the order and upsell to customers before processing the cc.

    Hope this helps

    Oct 14 2008 09:25:06



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    If you are trading in the UK and you are a member of the FSB, Federation of Small Businesses and you also process Credit/Debit cards, then the FSB has an agreement with the major Cards for discounted rates and also a reduced rental fee on your electronic terminal.

    Hope this helps.

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