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    Sep 03 2008 08:52:58



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    Im trying to use mals to set up a custom gateway to my banks online merchant system.

    I got most of it working but cant find a field/data/input or any way to pass the Product description to my bank.

    In the custom gateway setup in mals theres no area to type in the fields for item description/product so its only sending the total to my bank which isnt really acceptable to me.

    Any ideas how to add item description to mals custom gateway?

    If anyone does this professionally i might like to hear from them as im pretty much desparate.


    Sep 03 2008 13:03:11



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    Hi there,

    I am a brand new user and need a bit of help - I am slowly working through, making sure I read everything - but this has got me stumped!

    Every time I use the Test Cart Button and go onto to payments and try to select UK as the buyers country I can't find it on the drop down menu, it seems only to come up with a selection of European countries?

    If anyone can give me any advice that would be most welcome.

    many thanks, sam.

    Sep 03 2008 13:48:27


    Telos Publishing

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    We're moving our website to another host, and on the new host, the URL is of the numeric type, specifically

    We need therefore to access an image off the site for use on the cart pages, and this is hosted here:

    However this URL comes up as invalid in the Logo and Header Message section of the cart Set Up.

    Does anyone know why? And is there a way around this at all?



    Sep 03 2008 13:53:50



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    I am having a problem changing my product information on my site. When ever I update product information it always stays the same on other computers. Mostly users with IE. I change the code but the product the information isnt getting changed on the user end. Help im losing business!

    Sep 03 2008 14:23:45



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    We're offering an eBook for download upon completed payment in our Mal's-powered store. This same store also sells physical goods that must be shipped. Is there any way to require shipping charges on the physical goods but suspend that requirement for the electronic download? Our users keep charging themselves an unnecessary shipping fee on the eBook and I have to email them, ask them to reorder and cancel the original charge - it's a pain!


    Sep 03 2008 15:39:14



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    I have created an exit message for my unsecurre payments. I enter text in the text box including returns so that it will show up more readable but it all runs together. See below for how it shows up. I would like to put portions of the text on separate lines to make it more readable. I have tried putting in the exit message box but that doesn't help. Any thoughts, help would be appreciated. thanks.


    Thank you. Your order has been successfully processed.
    Order number : 419720

    Please send $9.99 with Order Number 419720 Please make check payable to: Maverick Baseball Club Mail to: 2000 First Street Austin, TX 78728 Please Print for your records.

    Sep 03 2008 21:00:23


    Maida Carpio Scott

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    Hi - I like the look of the new forums. I'll be glad when the PM and editing features are unveiled.

    Just 2 things I'd like to mention/ask on
    1) Under My Account, I added several accounts. The free accounts are listed under the Business name, and premium accounts are listed under the Mal's Account Number.

    Is there an option I need to set for those accounts to list them by business name?

    2) Is there anyway we could get sub forums related to topics under the general User Group Forum? Like...
    Installation & Error Messages
    Standard Shipping
    Advanced Shipping
    Product Options and Coding
    Discounts & Vouchers
    Scripting Help
    Paid Solutions
    and the all encompassing - General Questions

    Thanks for everything you do!


    Sep 03 2008 23:38:08


    Kathryn Peddle

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    I have a premium account and wondered if it's possible to somehow show on my webpages that Mal's is a secure cart. I do have the logos available within the cart programming offered by Mal, but is there anything to put onto my site so when someone visits they see that it is a secure shopping site (albeit the surfing pages aren't , just the cart)
    Thank you

    Sep 04 2008 12:11:36



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    Hi Mal,
    I'm using Mal's to integrate with MetaCharge (now operated by Paypoint). Paypoint have placed a transaction limit on the account that won't be lifted unless we:

    "submit the customer IP address and full customer address information in our transactions for accurate fraud scoring"

    Is there anything we can do to submit this information with our transactions?
    Ciaran Vipond

    Sep 04 2008 15:18:01



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    Our cart works on our own server and when the customer is finished they simply go to the checkout and our cart posts all the product info and shipping charges to the mals-e cart which then simply adds the vat/tax and allows them to enter their payment details.

    Basically I am wanting to work out the tax/vat on our site as well now to allow for certain coutries that are vat exempt.

    Do I just post a "tax" variable like I do with all the other info?
    I know I could just try it but its a live system and down time must be minimised so I'd rather know what I am doing and hopefully have it work first time!


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