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    Sep 04 2008 22:08:38



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    I'm just building my free shopping cart and want to charge different VAT % rates based on customer's addresses in the EU. For e.g. the UK pay 17.5% but in Greece it's 19%. I would like Mal's cart to calculate the applicable VAT and add to the total order cost. I've looked very hard on the shipping page and just can't see how this can be done. Any help would be much appreciated. I'm a complete novice at HTML.


    Sep 04 2008 23:37:25


    Jacqueline Cuyvers

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    Hi, on the mOrders page, the download for the MAC mOrders doesn't work. Both of the MAC downloads link to the css spry form

    here is a link to the page:

    here is a copy of the bad code - you see where it doesn't link to downloadable file for the MAC programs.

    mOrders FREE 4.03 - 11.1Mb Free version
    mOrders Plus 4.17 - 11.4Mb Full version
    mOrders Plus 1.7 - 2.6Mb MAC Leopard Beta
    mOrders Plus 1.2 - 2.6Mb MAC Tiger Beta

    Sep 05 2008 01:42:55



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    Isn't there a setting in the cart to lock the quantity so a customer cannot change it?


    Sep 05 2008 02:00:42



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    Can anyone help or direct me in telling me how and where I post the weight of my item. I am using the Advanced Calculator for FEDEX and USPS I have set all that up chose my zones and sample cart works fine. However this is my first attempt at setting up a cart period. And Don't understand where I post my weight for each item I put up for sale on my site. Please make it as clear as possible as I am a beginner. Willing to learn just need some guidance. Thank You in advance.

    Kindest Regards ...Sara

    Sep 05 2008 06:02:11



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    Hi Friends,

    Does anyone know where to enter a Third Party Payment gateway ID Number into the Mal e-com Admin panel?

    Sep 05 2008 06:41:51


    Nick French

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    I am perhaps being extremely dense here, but when I sign into my account, I see the carts linked to my account listed, how do I go into the setup of them?

    Nick French

    Sep 05 2008 13:41:55



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    I've read through all the details on vouchers/voucher masks and I'm pretty sure I understand it all. However, my customer prefers to have coupon codes like

    Sep 05 2008 21:34:58



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    I have just started using Mal's and am trying to set up buttons that include a text box. Customers need to be able to type in a color name when they add the item to the cart, then have that color information show up in the cart (and of course show up in the report that I receive). I added the following html to my regular button html and I got a text box, but it doesn't transfer to the cart. Am I missing something?

    < input type="text" name="product1[]" size="15"> (without the space, of course)

    Thanks for the help. I hope someone has a simple solution to my problem!


    Sep 06 2008 00:11:58



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    Tom - I noticed on your site the US mail version of the gift cert doesn't use the voucher.cfm - it uses the regular add.cfm. Why not use the voucher.cfm?


    Doug D
    Smartlab Software

    Sep 06 2008 11:35:21



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    we're new to mal's ecommerce, and have ecommerce on our website that was programmed by our website designer/creator. unfortunately, she is on maternity leave, and not contactable.

    so pardon us if this question has been asked before or stupid.

    we have some products pages with "ww#..../add.cfm" action code, and some with "ww#..../addmulti.cfm" action code.
    this difference happened when we needed to add more info/options for certain products.
    the old product pages use the "ww#.../add.cfm" code, and the new pages that require more info/options use the "ww#.../addmulti.cfm" code.

    they all used to work well.

    but now, after some reshuffling of product web pages, the codes no longer work.
    when testing the pages, we have the following problems:

    1) after clicking the 'buy now' button, the user is brought to the shopping cart page but it says 'shopping cart is empty'. even though the item bought is supposed to be automatically added to the shopping cart. (i.e. no need to select any qty. all user needs to do in order to buy the item is to click on 'buy now'.)

    2) for some pages, we get the "error: userid not set" message.

    we hope you can help us, pls?
    we need solutions.

    also, we tried browsing through your faq and support info pages. but there is nothing on 'addmulti.cfm'?

    thanks in advance for reading this, and helping us.

    looking forward to your kind reply.

    p.s. if you need see our website to get a clearer picture, pls let us know. thanks again. :)

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