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    Sep 06 2008 15:40:00



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    In my business customers need to get me photos to complete their order. Is there any way to have the customer upload 3 or 4 pictures to the cart so when they check out i can get them? Right now I am just having them email me the pictures after they have ordered. I just wanted to make it a little easier for them.

    Sep 07 2008 02:47:15



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    I would like to add a buy it now button, but upon return from payment, I want the user to return to a php page on my site where I can get a unique ID from the transaction so I can record in my own database that payment has been made. Is there a way to pass a parameter to mals and get it back when the transaction is completed? I wondered if this is what the "sd" optional field name is for? It says in the help that this field is for "session data".


    Sep 07 2008 14:51:08



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    I have the phone number field checked in required fields but it's either not requiring the customer to enter the number or it's not keeping the number. I need the phone number especially on international orders. Is this just a glitch or is there a way to fix it so it will always be required? It's been happening forever, I just never took the time to ask!


    Sep 07 2008 20:28:45



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    Under "General Payment Options" where you list credit cards I have the following string entered:


    Yet when I check out, Amex is still listed as an option. Is there some way to fix this? Am I missing something?

    Sep 08 2008 04:41:13



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    The revised homepage shows photos of the shopping cart at the top of the page. In these photos it shows that the product image (a shirt) is carried over to the actual cart. Will this be something that will be available for us to have or do using the mals cart in the future? Or is that ability available now? If so how is it done?

    Sep 08 2008 11:43:33



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    I can't see where to pay my bill! In my accounts it says I have an invoice but when I click on it, it's an invalid request!

    Sep 08 2008 13:19:43



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    Can i use Google check out as a payment option?
    If so how would i do that?

    Can i use this aswell?

    Sep 08 2008 16:15:58



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    I have 4 websites for different proucts with different flat shipping rates.

    They all go through 1 cart so customers can shop between the websites and only end up paying 1 shipping charge being the highest one.

    They currently select from fours zones asking (includings product1) - (includes product2) etc etc

    Works for about 80% of orders.

    Is is possible to post shipping charges to the cart and the cart only charge once for shipping and using the highest charge.


    Sep 08 2008 17:02:19



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    I think I'm loosing the plot...

    Where do I go to fill in my 2checkout account info... On my account page I see moneybookers, paypal, etc etc etc but no 2checkout?

    Also on 2checkout ithere is a link to a document here with steps on how to setup the two but it's a broken...

    Thanks in advance...

    Sep 08 2008 21:05:36



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    All of the sudden I get this warning when the order form is submitted to

    I did purchase an ssl certificate to make things more secure, so I am surprised to see this:

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