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    Sep 09 2008 04:38:33



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    As many say; I'm new on here. I was reading thru the forums and found the thread on installing a mini-cart on a web page to show number of items in cart and total $.
    My question is...
    Is it possible to expand this to also show the items in a cart? What I want to do is set my page up in cells and have one of the cells show the this information for reference on the side of the screen.
    I saw the i-frame section but it didn't look like what I wanted to do either.


    Michael N.

    Sep 09 2008 12:57:06


    Half Moon marketing

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    Hello I am trying to make a donation form on my webpage in Dreamweaver - so with a blank price box.

    I am trying to check that the form is working and a blank page appears simply saying:
    E-commerce - transaction server.
    I guess I must have done something pretty obvious wrong but don't know what.
    Can anyone help, thanks

    Sep 09 2008 13:26:14



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    We have just purchased morders, but when we download to the application it leaves the orders on the site, so we have to delete them manually, is there an option for removing the orders from the web site once downloaded?

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Sep 09 2008 13:35:47



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    Up to 50 I have no discount. - that works
    50.01 to 75 I have 3% discount - that works
    from 75.01 to 100 I want an 5% discount, but still 3% is being applied despite me putting in "the next band 100 is 5%" it still applies just 3%.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Sep 09 2008 14:14:03



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    I have dicount pricing working up till the last one (is there a limit to the number of discount bands ?)

    <input name="discountpr" type="hidden"
    value="4,40.00:5,36:15,32:75,30:150,28:250,24:100,20" />

    so 1-4 are 40.
    next 5 are 36
    next 15 are 32
    next 75 are 30
    next 150 are 28
    next 250 are 24

    now I want anything greater than 499 - to be 20.

    But the above code is showing 0 for the price .

    I tried putting 0 for the next number there (cause I thought that was how to add "everything after that" )
    but that didn't work ... so I tried a big # like 1000 but that didn't either - now even
    next 100 isn't working ?

    do I need another : somewhere ?

    Another pair of eyes maybe ?



    Sep 09 2008 16:03:44


    Frank P Roberson Jr

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    I have set up free shipping for one item, a 2-ounce sample bottle of my concentrated cleaning product. It will cost $2.89. I have tested it and it works fine.

    I also have some discount vouchers I have created. One of them is available from a public source, so anyone that saw it could use it and get a 20% discount.

    I don't want someone to get the free shipping on the sample bottle AND potentially also get a discount on the order.

    Is there a way to prevent that or is there a better solution that I may not be thinking of?

    I ship the sample bottles via the US Postal Service for pretty cheap but can't use Click and Ship online for that since it is not Priority or Express. So, dropping the price down and then having it calculate shipping is not an option since Click and Ship does not include Parcel post.

    Shipping the sample bottle like this keeps the cost really cheap for potential customers to try the product.

    I want to be able to keep the discount vouchers available because that is good for driving customers, also.

    Thank you for any help or suggestions you can provide.

    Sep 09 2008 17:45:59



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    Does anyone know what coding to use so that I can put a quantity amount on a product, and as one is sold, it reduces the number available? Ex. 10 products available, 1 sells, it then shows 9 available on the site. I assume this is something with the shopping cart?
    thanks for any help

    Sep 09 2008 20:28:17



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    Can someone give me some general info on what the mOrders is and what it does? I host with a unix company and not sure something windows based would work with it.

    Sep 10 2008 00:01:24



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    Working on a client's website, and her confirmation email's formatting is just a little wonky - can it be fixed? It looks like the table columns got messed up - in the Quantity, Product, Price, Amount section, the actual items ordered are off to the right, not underneath the headings.

    Sep 10 2008 01:13:58



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    Is anyone successfully using Google Analytics with their Mal's cart to track conversion rates? If so how did you accomplish it?

    I've entered my Google Analytics ID in the appropriate place in the cart settings. Additionally I've configured my Google Analytics tracking coding according to their specifications for tracking conversions on a separate store site (which I assume is the correct setting for Mal's?).

    I did a search on the topic in the forum archives however there doesn't seem to be too much information.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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