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    Sep 10 2008 12:47:19



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    I am trying to set my client's cart up to return directly back to her website after a purchase is made, instead of returning to cart with a link that users click to return to the website.

    I'm using Paypal Pro.

    I set up the return link and I have a PHP file to process the order - but that takes me back to the cart with a link to my website. I also set up the remote call http link to point to my PHP file, but it still isn't going directly there. What else do I need to do?


    Sep 10 2008 13:55:45



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    I have the free cart setup at present but see many competitors websites that have a basket built into the website, so it all looks part of the same site, unlike mine! I have branded the cart with the header but is there a way to get it built into the site as such?


    Sep 10 2008 16:04:52



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    i registered for the forum but now the forum login email is in the username on the home page and I cant get rid of it.

    i only want to use "my account" for the forum not for my carts. I find it much longer and fiddlier to login to my carts via "my account".

    But now I can't login at all unless i go to another page (such as features) and click the login link at the top of that page. then it goes to the login page but i can't get the list of accounts up like i used to when you click in the box (unless you refresh and click in there quckly). but you can still do that on the home page but not now my email address is in there.

    how do i get rid of the username on the home page and get the login box back again? And yes I have tried login out.

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    Sep 10 2008 16:28:32



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    I am almost there and have just one snag.
    I need to have a 15% deposit calculated and charged at checkout. The global discount works perfect for this set at 85%. The only thing I can not figure out is how to change the word Discount at checkout to something like “Less Final payment” or “Less Future Payment.” Does any one know if these templates editable?

    Sep 10 2008 17:21:21



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    I never received the Welcome Email when I signed up for an account.

    How can I get it resent?

    Thank you.

    John Presler

    Sep 11 2008 00:27:16



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    i need a little help with adding this to the being of my order form
    i would like to collect the customers info on the first page.
    any help would be helpful

    Sep 11 2008 04:39:37



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    Does anyone have any recommendations for credit card processing i have which i got through a company named Merchant Account Express. They charge me at least $50.00 a month plus the transaction fees.

    anyone use a good service??

    Sep 11 2008 16:28:46



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    I have numerous books listed using the Form Post method.

    One of the books is temporarily out of stock - without completely removing the Form Post coding - is there a simple way to disable the Buy Now button for this item.

    I have labled the item as Out of Stock, but someone for sure will hit the button!

    Any help greatly appreciated.

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    Sep 11 2008 16:40:55


    Little Ladybug Designs

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    I was wondering if anyone knows how to show your lowest price in the page where all your products are listed in a particular category. For instance if I have a category Birth Announcements and in the product section I list Flower Birth Announcement underneath I would like it to show 1.25 instead of 1.25-1.75.

    Thanks for your help in advance!


    Sep 11 2008 17:59:11



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    I think there used to be a spearate program to use with Quickbooks? Is that still available or is mOrders to single program to use now? If so - I have version 4.17, how do I use it to import my orders as sales receipts into QB Pro 2008?

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