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    Sep 11 2008 18:08:48



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    I am trying to upgrade an account to premium. When I click on the link, it asks me to login again. Once I do, it goes right back to the main page with the "Upgrade to Premium" link. It just keeps going in circles and not taking me to the page to create a billing account. Has anyone else experience this? Any suggestions?

    Sep 11 2008 18:22:31



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    I am totally stuck on the shipping portion of cart setup as the options are not making sense to me. I simply want to set my shipping accordingly:''

    $30 or less - $6
    $30.01 to $100 - $8.50
    $100.01 to $200 - $11
    Over $200 - email for ship rate

    Can I do this in the cart options, I do not get which option I need and how or where to set these values.

    Other then doing it that way, if not able, does anyone know of a free real time USPS shipping calculator that I can code into my cart.

    Thanks in advance..

    Sep 11 2008 19:57:10



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    I am lost. I was working on my cart settings and came to the forum to ask for help. I had to make a new id and password to use the forum and I added my cart to that account, and now I cannot get back to my cart. All I get is the forum log in and not my other log in. How do I get back there so I can finish doing my configurations? Thanks

    Sep 11 2008 21:26:52



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    I have two items (ticket registrations) in my shopping cart. I would also like to add an option for sizes, something that will look like this:

    Please indicate your size.
       Adult Male:       ___S      ___M        ___L        ___XL        ___XXL
       Adult Female:   ___S       ___M       ___L       ___XL         ___XXL

    I would like for the customer to input quantity next to each size. So for example, they may purchase 1 ticket and select 2 Adult Male Small and 1 Adult Male XL and 1 Adult Female L.

    This size option is not "attached" to any particular item I'm selling. When someone purchases any ticket (and we have two types of tickets), they should select the size of the t-shirt which comes with their order at no charge.

    Please let me know how I can do this. I have a Premium Account.

    Thank you in advance for your help!


    Sep 11 2008 21:48:59



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    Edited: In the old forum when someone replied to a post then that post was put at the top of the forum.

    This one doesn't seem to do that - or am i missing something.

    Ok it is fine at the moment to look through 2 pages to find new replies to posts but as it grows and with the way it is set up (without seperate topics) then it is going to get very, very confusing to try to follow which have been replied to and some replies will get ignored because they are to a relatively old post but may be very important.

    Plus, the old cart showed which posts had been read and which ones hadn't. Is this something that will be happening soon?

    And how do we change the time zone? Mine says it's 4.59pm when actually it is 23.01pm

    When you have viewed a topic how do you get back to the forum without using your back button and without going right back to the beginning where the 3 forums are noted?

    BTW - The edit post button image is not showing - just a red cross.

    Life is too short to work 8 hours a day - thats why I work 16 :-)

    Sep 11 2008 21:52:57



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    I can't seem to figure this out. I need a simple form with a quantity box. Ok, I know how to do that.

    What I need is the ability to put a quantity in the box and have that quantity be the actual dollar amount that goes into the cart. So if I want a dollar amount to be 157.36, that is the actual quantity and dollar amount I want in the cart.

    I can't do this as a gift certificate, since that is not the purpose of this.

    Help please. Thank you!


    Howaco Glass Supply Co

    Sep 11 2008 23:01:48



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    What is the difference between these admin areas?

    I want to give someone access to download the orders, but don't want to give them access to the cart setup. Is there a way to do that?

    Sep 11 2008 23:03:23



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    What am I doing wrong?!!! (Pulling out my hair). I have to charge tax to buyers in my state, so I check off the button for 'Tax will be calculated using one of the rates specified below'. I set my default to my tax rate of .07725% and then in tax is set on shipping address and I choose my state from the drop down and once again entered the tax rate. I hit submit changes and it leaves the rate in the default but puts it back to 0 in the state. When i test run my buy now, no tax is added. I have tried different variations of this thinking I am choosing too many options, such as removing the default and just putting it in the state area, but it just keeps removing my tax rate and is not adding the taxes on to my orders.

    Sep 12 2008 04:33:07



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    I have four download products that there will be no shipping on, but the cart is charging shipping for them. Is there anyway to make those no shipping cost items and still keep everything else having the shipping cost?


    Sep 12 2008 15:55:58



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    love this stuff - great thing - just getting going with the addmulti.cfm action though:

    Ok - is there a maximum number of products I can have on the page?

    Here's the problem:

    product1, qty1 price1 all the way through to product50, qty50 and price50 all work fine, no problems.

    product51 to 60 don't work.

    the only thing that is different is that i am not using price but discountpr for items 51 through to 60:-

    <input type="HIDDEN" name="discountpr60" value="1,100.00:0,80.00">

    so if the qty is 1, they pay 100.00, if it is 2 or more they pay 80.00

    however, when it moves to mal's cart not one of items 51 through to 60 transfer in to the basket - at any price...

    the only other information of note, is that all products 1 through 50 appear in the html page in order, but 51 through to 60 are dotted throughout the page, but this shouldn't matter I think...

    the other weird thing is, I tried it a few days ago, and it worked, but today it isn't... I haven't changed anything... any ideas?!?!

    thanks so much, in advance, kisses for everyone!!

    tom x

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