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    Sep 22 2017 18:29:28



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    I'm trying to change my URL under "yourdetails" from http to https, but it won't save the change. I have updated this in my return link but I am assuming it should be updated in my user profile as well.

    Also, is the Mal's shopping cart itself secure? When I test my form (used it for years, no problems; just updated the "action" to go to https://wwXX.aitsafe.... This seems to have stopped an error message I was getting when I clicked Add To Cart (warning me that the page was not secure, although it should be).

    However, when I go to the Review order page, the security icon shows that there are problems (lock icon has a warning yellow triangle). I have updated the Customize section and also my form's code so that the Continue Shopping button code shows my return URL as https.

    I'm wondering if it might have something to do with the top banner on the Review page. I don't see where I would have entered a URL or uploaded an image for this (nothing shows in the Image Library in the cart setup). I think it's the same one I use for Paypal, so is that being pulled in from Paypal maybe?

    EDITED: No, the banner is being displayed from my own site, but I have no idea where that Review page is getting the instruction to do that. Just checked Paypal and I don't see anything there about a banner URL. And nothing I changed there has changed the unsecure icon on the Review page.

    Many thanks for your help.

    Sep 24 2017 01:31:59



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    Forgive me in advance for repeating this problem request.
    I have gone through the process to show thumbnails on the cart page and it just won`t work for me. I have a page of thumbs on my server. I can go online and see them and their addresses. I have set the ``General`` setting box with the folder address: and added the line to my html: <input name="thumb" type="hidden" value="imagename.jpg"> and I have tried many variations of this to no avail. I can live without it, but since it is supposed to work, it would be nice to try it.

    Sep 24 2017 15:11:10



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    I currently offer a discount on multiple purchases (using the Discount Table) on the basis of:
    2 items 10%
    3 items 15%
    5 or more items 20%

    I want to offer an additional discount (using a Voucher code ), of 10% for Returning Customers who like to purchase items one at a time.

    My problem is... if i simply issue a voucher code for 10% and they then order 2 items (or more) they'll end up with a 20% discount (or more!!).
    I only want the voucher to apply if they order just 1 item (it's a 'loyalty' voucher for repeat customers who like to buy 1 item at a time).

    Any suggestions as to how I could set this up?

    Sep 26 2017 09:50:45



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    I have an OpenCart v2.0.2.0 installation.
    I am looking to use Malse to take card details from customers.
    I can successfully process an order and pass order details 7 card details to Malse, but the "return to website" (Return URL) shows the following error when you press the button.
    Undefined index: payment_method in /***/***/public_html/ on line 297
    My OpenCart error.log says this:
    2017-09-26 9:03:51 - PHP Notice: Undefined variable: malse_currency in /***/***/public_html/ on line 27
    2017-09-26 9:04:45 - PHP Notice: Undefined index: payment_method in /***/***/public_html/ on line 297
    2017-09-26 9:13:30 - PHP Notice: Undefined variable: malse_currency in /***/***/public_html/ on line 27
    2017-09-26 9:14:04 - PHP Notice: Undefined index: payment_method in /***/***/public_html/ on line 297

    I am using a MALSE Opencart Module developed by Fido-X [see this link: ]
    Sadly the developer hasn't got back to me about this and has stopped developing the module.

    If anyone has OpenCart experience with malse I'd be most grateful to hear from you.
    If you need any more info please let me know.

    Sep 27 2017 01:46:45



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    I would like to use it in Thai language.
    I can translate by myself.
    And I can give the translation for you all to use.
    Is there any file I can create with Thai language and then upload/send it to you?
    Or, more simple,
    can I just translate and get it to the check out only these words:
    Shipping address
    Full name:
    Country: Thailand
    State or Province:
    Postal or ZIP code:
    Payment for this order
    Select your payment method:
    Remember my name and address for my future purchases.
    Thank you, bye

    Sep 29 2017 06:46:53



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    I am trying to see if there is a way to create custom shipping values. I need certain items to be set to a spaced shipping:

    1 - 24 = $6.85
    25 - 50 = $10.85

    Then other items are fixed priced.

    Sep 30 2017 07:33:48



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    We are having our webpages converted to mobile pages via the Duda platform. We've had good success with the page conversions, but the Mal's shopping cart return URL creates a problem returning the shopper to the originating webpage. Our page sends the shopper to Mal's cart with:
    Here's the issue, the (empty) shopping cart sends the shopper back with this Return Shopping URL which confuses the mobile page:
    Is there a way to strip out this bit from the Return?: qty=0.00&sub=0.00&shp=0.00&dis=0.00&vch=0.00&tax=0.00&tot=0.00&unt=0&sd=
    We need a Return URL like this:

    Thanks any help.


    Sep 30 2017 10:58:13



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    I just got an email from a customer saying "my Kaspersky antivirus wouldn’t let me continue with the Mal’s eCommerce system"

    Any idea what might be wrong?

    Sep 30 2017 19:22:46



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    Hi, I'm having trouble with the discount tables. I want to set it up so that there is a 10% discount on orders over $2500 but I can't seem to get the cart to translate this. Any ideas?

    Oct 03 2017 04:17:04



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    I have found on my site the return url back to my site is causing it to say my site is not secure because its not using https.

    am I correct in thinking we set the return url like this in mals forms

    <input type="hidden" name="return" value="www.mysite/mypage.html">

    and not like this

    <input type="hidden" name="return" value="https://www.mysite/mypage.html">;

    and can we change this
    <form action=""; method="post">

    to https as well


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