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    Oct 26 2017 00:10:10



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    My customers are ordering off of my site and on the order list theres duplicate orders and different transaction numbers. Can someone please help me fix that. I cant keep deleting orders

    Oct 29 2017 21:34:12



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    I have been using Mal's for quite some time (since 2011) and am having the hardest time with this darn product restriction of the discount coupons to work...THIS PART IS NOT WORKING CORRECTLY: "The discount is applied to products with an SKU (scode) which: is not equal to"

    I am usually VERY GOOD and troubleshooting myself...but I've tried and searched for any answer to help and nothing I desperately need assistance ASAP!

    I have a product with the SCODE: 4974 that is still allowing the discount when it is EXcluded. I've set the Discount Code to 20% off of $40 EXCEPT for the Scode: 4974 by choosing: The discount is applied to products with an SKU (scode) which: IS NOT EQUAL TO 4974 but when I try STILL ALLOWS for the coupon to work.
    This is what it generates in the table...looks fine...but is NOT working right!!! WHAT GIVES???

    Amount or % | Min order | Expires | SKU Use
    20.00% | 40.00 | 01 Nov 2017 != 4974 | Multiple

    I've tried many things with no luck: Changing the SCODE, Changing The discount is applied to products with an SKU (scode) which: is not equal to, does not begin with, etc


    Oct 31 2017 00:22:38



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    I asked this a year or so back but we are back to this and wondering if Mal's-E can be coded for this.

    Here's the idea: What we are wanting to do is offer say a dozen or 6 or 4 of something (cookies in this case) from a choice list (array) of maybe 8-10 options/products. Here is an example from a website that is similar to ours:

    In this case, as you choose, you are allowed 4 jars in this case. If you choose 4 of the Pumpkin Spice Cupcake (for example) you can't add any others without reducing the number of Pumpkin Spices jars and so on. The maximum number you can choose is 4 period. Either 4 of just one item, or 2 of one, one of another and one of another, etc. You get the idea.

    Is this feasible with Mal's-E? I understand it probably won't look like the example given, but just wondering how to code this for concept on my daughter's website. Example: She wants to have a mixed dozen cookies for example with 8-10 choices but with a maximum total of 12 cookies allowed in the order. This is just one idea we are wanting to accomplish.

    Here is her current website store page using Mals-E ( )



    Nov 01 2017 19:01:41



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    I am sorry as this is probably a repeat questions, but it is so abstract to me. I have had a mals account for ten years or so, not even sure at this point. And I have neveer had my shipping set up to where it even makes any sense to me. The last item that was ordered from my site ended up costing me 25.00 to ship but I had only charged 12 or 15. ouch. Sooo, I figure it might be time to figure this out and take it more seriously.
    I sell custom painted items. From clothing, to wine glasses to shoes and boots and signs.
    I vaguely understand what units are, LOL, and I have no idea what bands are. That being said, I am getting pretty good at knowing how much certain things will end up weighing and their measurements. My prices for my artwork is all over the, charging shipping by value doesn't make as much sense as charging by size and weight of the package.
    I am just confused as to which option makes most sense for my site. Any suggestions? I am about to the point of another poster that said he would pay someone to set it up for him. LOL
    So, say someone orders painted boots. the box would be 20"x15"x6" and weight 5.5 pounds. How do I figure out the units of that product?
    I hope this isn't as confusing as I am confused.
    Thank you for your time,

    Nov 03 2017 22:21:20


    Brian R. Smith

    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 10

    The product images in the cart are 90px wide by default and in a "TD" tag. Is there way to center the image left to right in the TD tag? I've tried everything I can think of using custom CSS.

    I've tried setting the margins to auto, adding padding, text-align=center, etc. Nothing seems to work!

    Any cart gurus know how to center images? They are smashed against the left side of the cart and look weird.

    Nov 04 2017 22:00:21


    Brian R. Smith

    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 10

    I have uploaded a 1650 pixel wide JPG however I can't get it to show in the cart and there is no reference to the image in CSS.

    Add an item to the cart using the following link:

    Any ideas?

    Nov 05 2017 17:48:35



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    We have the cart set up appropriately for US Shipments. But we want international shoppers to contact us for info about shipping fees.
    We don't want to prohibit purchases we just want them to contact us for shipping info.
    Do you have suggestions for how to manage this? Thanks.

    Kerch McC

    Nov 06 2017 16:59:35


    David Satterthwaite

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    Hello! Can you please tell me how to allow (and require) users to enter this during payment?

    Nov 09 2017 08:05:24



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    Just 'upgraded' my website to SSL
    and modified all my MalsCart links to https

    when the customer clicks on the Continue Shopping button in the Shopping Cart
    a Non-Secure Form message appears urging them to Accept or Cancel.
    It's obviously disconcerting to the customer and implies that the Shopping Cart is not SSL secure

    The Set Up for the Continue Shopping button only has the option for an HTTP form (not HTTPS)
    Which is what, I presume, is causing the issue.
    If i provide the 'return' address from my website as a http rather than https i presume this would get around the non-secure message - but that would invalidate MY web page as being secure and wouldn't display the padlock icon.

    Is there a way around this?

    Nov 09 2017 21:16:17



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    How can I 'check' one of the radio buttons that I have on my Checkout page, where do I edit to change it.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

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