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    Jan 17 2018 22:26:35



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    is there a topic where people using mals shows off their cart. It would be interesting to see how others have implemented Mals into their websites.

    Here is a couple I have done. These are only basic carts as per customers requirements (on web designs page) this is my site

    The web design program used in these sites is wysiwyg web builder

    I have actually made my mals cart into extensions for the web software so its easy to add a cart to your site.


    Jan 19 2018 01:26:00



    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 139

    In my form cart code I have
    <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="shipping" VALUE="12.65">

    but it is not transfering into the cart, I set the shipping to no shipping in the cart. Is this correct or not

    Jan 19 2018 20:32:53



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    My client needs to go through a cumbersome manual process of capturing and completing payments coming to her Paypal account through the Mal's shopping cart. Is there a way on Mal's end or on the Paypal end to have payments automatically arrive as completed rather than pending, or have the completion process done automatically?

    We have a free Mal's cart and Paypal express checkout.

    Jan 20 2018 18:36:04


    rockabilly boy

    Join date : 2018-01-20      Posts : 3

    Hi - I'm running a website using serif webplus which uses Mals as it's shopping cart - had no problems for a long time but recently I've been getting clients saying that they're getting error messages when trying to purchase - without fail they are all Apple users - I've tested using apple devices that family have and it all works okay - I think it may be something to do with the Iphones etc treating the cart as a pop up as Serif opens it as a sep window although doesn't effect android and PC's if pop up blocker enabled. Anybody else experience this? - while it appears to be a config issue on the Apple is there a workaround as it could be costing me sales!! Thanks

    Jan 21 2018 20:51:52


    randy curtis

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    We have used morders for years to download our orders, print invoices etc. Since it is no longer supported and we are going to be replacing computers soon, most likely windows 10, does anyone have a suggestion for a replacement. I am hoping for easy and reasonably cheap.

    Jan 22 2018 15:31:14



    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 70

    Has anyone successfully used @font-face in their cart? I have been trying to figure this out since 2008. What a loser I must be!

    In 2008:

    In 2014:

    My code passes all tests for secure accuracy until I paste the template into Premium Template.

    If anyone wants to see my url vs the Mals result, please PM.


    Jan 23 2018 05:23:41



    Join date : 2010-11-25      Posts : 9

    Today I have suddenly stopped receiving emailed sale notifications (from Mal), and my customers are not receiving confirmation emails (from Mal) for their purchases. The orders are however appearing on my list of current orders on my Mals page. I've changed nothing on my cart set setup.

    Anyone else having this problem? I'm in Australia by the way, so I don't know if this could be a problem for non-UK Mals Accounts only.


    Jan 23 2018 15:20:37



    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 70

    I would like to change this message but cannot locate where to do this. Using v1. Tks.

    Jan 25 2018 18:41:30



    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 70

    Mal references the use of an external shipping calculator. bottom of page

    I need this.

    Can anyone offer recommendations for third-party or custom solutions?

    Thank you.

    Jan 26 2018 13:45:19


    Tim Koen

    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 51

    Hi all, everytime I get an order through PayPal the customer complains they are not being redirected to the download page. I set up PayPal many years ago and don't remember what I did to get it to work.

    Heck, I don't even know where to start. Any ideas?

    I am getting complaints from customers saying they didn't get redirected to the download page. I am getting notifications of sales from Mal and from PayPal when a sale goes through.This used to work. What changed? Are there tutorials for this?


    Tim Koen

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