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    Jan 27 2018 11:56:20



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    Is it possible when using thumbs in the cart to pick the correct colour associated with the script.

    If I have T Shirts and the customer chooses Large Red is it possible to add a red thumbnail in the cart and if they select Medium Blue could I have it show a blue shirt in the cart


    Jan 27 2018 17:08:22



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    When I click the buy now ore go to cart:

    This site cant be reached
    wws server IP address could not be found.

    Checking the connection
    Checking the proxy, firewall, and DNS configuration
    Running Windows Network Diagnostics

    Feb 01 2018 00:06:41


    julden designs

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    How do you have different shipping prices for each different item that you sell. For example one item shipping 6.99, another item shipping would be 3.99. They may not be purchased at the same time.

    Feb 01 2018 16:30:37



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    I had a shopping cart established several years ago and I believe we had a Premium account that was taking $8 a month off a credit card. Several months ago my client noticed that orders were being made and showing up in red in the Mal's area but not being transferred to Paypal. I assume because payments changed and we were dropped to free status and therefore funds were not transferred to Paypal. Can I sign back up for Premium services and have the orders in red transfer the funds to Paypal? People have paid money to our shopping cart using credits cards etc. but we have not received notifications or the money. Does Mal's have the money in limbo?

    Feb 06 2018 10:59:58



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    Getting a bit confused on what the difference between a discount and a voucher are in the customer email receipts.

    There is a code for discounts
    #discount_value# The value of a discount
    and one for vouchers
    #voucher_value# Discount voucher value

    I use the settings under "Discount vouchers" for credit notes for customers and for giving discounts such as free shipping or % off.

    I have my own email template set up showing #Voucher_value# but a customer has said the credit note is not showing.

    So I guess I should be using #discount_value# instead as I don't want to show both in the email receipt.

    Just getting a bit confused and don't want to change the template if it will break something.

    Any help anywhere?

    Life is too short to work 8 hours a day - thats why I work 16 :-)

    Feb 06 2018 16:23:41



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    I have entered some shipping upgrades into the upselling section of my cart. I originally had them set to show up on the "main cart page" but after a test run of my cart I realized that it was adding additional shipping charges to them which is not what I wanted. I went back in and changed them to show up with payment options but now they are not showing up at all in the cart. I have looked & looked but can't figure out what I have done wrong. I entered a description & price and set it to appear with payment options. Currency is set to 0-USD. No shipping cost & no tax. Any help? My store is if you'd like to take a look. The only product I have listed so far is under "newborn stick on bows" if you're looking to add a product to test the cart. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

    Feb 08 2018 15:30:59


    Tiffany L Thomas

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    Hi there

    We seem to have an issue with errors and/or multiple orders being placed during the payment processing of orders that seems to be getting worse.

    From what I understand from the customers, when they click the ORDER NOW button, they get an error that the cart is empty, or that an error had occurred, then when they click CONTINUE, the cart finishes the purchase, but on my end there are two identical orders that are places at the exact same time stamp. I can't seem to recreate these errors on my end, so I have no idea what is actually happening. One person kept getting the error and managed to make 5 purchases within 3 seconds of each other of the same order.

    Has anyone else had a similar issue, and if so, any insight on what it is? It only happens about 5% of the time, but it still annoying as then I have to deal with refunds/etc., not to mention, it makes us look bad.

    Any insight appreciated.

    Thanks Q

    Feb 11 2018 00:22:01



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    I am trying to setup using SIM integration method. I have read everything I can find on this forum related to

    I can not find anything that explains to me the proper way to configure this.

    Can anyone provide some guidance?


    Feb 13 2018 19:51:17



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    Sorry, it has been a long time since I have worked with this system. I set it up for a job I had several years ago. Don't remember what I did and am now coming back as a freelancer to fix this. They have their site that collects the orders to send through Mal's, then it sends to Paypal, but it wants people to log in to Paypal, we are losing a lot of people at this point. It seems that when I first did this that it would go to a page that collected the credit card (with out Paypal login) and then would finalize the order and send notification through Paypal. What am I missing here? I remember the time before paying $8 a month for Mal's but not sure what that did. Been so long, help...

    Feb 14 2018 14:50:50



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    Is there any way to test remote call without actually paying for the item. Specifically, is there a way that when I click on the "Continue" button that takes me to Paypal to pay for the purchase rather than actually going to paypal it acts as if the payment has been processed and presents the final purchase now cart page so that the remote call will be triggered.

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