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A My Account is not a shopping cart account! It is a personal account for which is used for the User Forums, paying your Premium fees if you have any and managing multiple cart accounts.  You don't have to have a My Account to use the shopping cart but if you want to create one then click here.

A Shopping cart account is the place where you can view your orders and change the settings in your cart setup. Click here to create a new shopping cart account.

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From the moment you enter Admin your activities may be logged. Tracking is via cookie and IP address. This information may be used proactively to develop a profile of your behaviour. It is collected purely for the purpose of ensuring your own security. For example, if you try to login too many times with the wrong password then you may be blocked from further attempts. You cannot enter Admin without cookies enabled in your browser.

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Your password was sent to you in your welcome email. Please remember that the letters in it are case-sensitive. Click here if you can't find it and we will email it to the contact email address for your account.


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Your shopping cart username is hardcoded into the links to the cart on your website in a field named userid. It is also often in an e-mail notification of an order.

Your My Account ID is your email address.