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What are the values I need to set in my links?
How do I get a Continue Shopping button in the cart?
I get a 405 error when I click on the Continue Shopping button
What is the Review Cart Content link?
Can I use a POST set instead?
Can I use HTML in my header and footer messages?
I've lost my password
I'm not getting my order notifications by email
I get an error message "Userid not set".
ERROR: Link verification failed
Where can I find a list of ISO country codes?


What are the values I need to set in my links?

The URL for the main "add to the cart" link is:

After the ?, question mark, you need to set these fields:

  • userid - Your username
  • product - A short description of the product for the cart
  • price - Just the number, no currency symbol
  • qty - A quantity, the default is 1, optional
  • return - A URL for a return link, optional

Your link should look something like this:

product=Product+description&price=29.50"> Buy Now </A>

Note: there should be no spaces in the link, it should be on one line.

How do I get a Continue Shopping button in the cart?

You need to add the optional field "return" into all your links to the cart. That includes your Review cart links as well as your Buy Now buttons.

The return field can be set to any page at your website:


or for a form

<input type=hidden name=return>

Some people have had problems when the return link points to a directory, , instead of a file.

I get a 405 error when I click on the Continue Shopping button

This means your web server won't accept a form POST for that page, that method is often reserved only for scripts and doesn't work with ordinary web pages. The fix is to login to Admin and set it back to a GET in the cart setup (Cart setup > Continue shopping).

What is the Review Cart Content link?

To see the cart at any time your customers can follow this link:

<A HREF=""> Review Cart </A>

We recommend that you use the same link when your customer wishes to finish and pay.

Can I use a POST set instead?

Yes you can. What this means is you link to the cart using a HTML form instead of an ordinary hyperlink. You need to set at least your username, the product description and the price again, for example;

  <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="userid" VALUE="gg12345">
  <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="product" VALUE="North Atlantic Marine Chart">
  <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="price" VALUE="29.50">

You can add something to the cart using a drop down list, radio buttons or any HTML form tag. For example like this;

Choose the color of boat you want:

PRICE : $12,000

Can I use HTML in my header and footer messages?

Yes you can. The length of the fields for these messages is restricted to 255 characters and some HTML tags take up a lot of space. There is certainly room for <font face="Arial"> type tags though.


I've lost my password

All accounts have two passwords. One is for login to Admin, the Login password, and the other is for access to data collected from customers securely, the Secure or Payments password. The Login password is issued when the account is first created and you can change it in Admin. The Payment password is created the first time you login and can only be reset.

If you loose your login password: click here...

If you loose your Payments password, login to Admin and there is a link to reset it in the right hand column of the opening page.

I'm not getting my order notifications by email

You will not receive an email notification with payment systems where the final thank you page is not hosted by the cart. We can't send you an email notification of an order if we don't know if there is one....

With PayPal standard you will need to select the IPN option on the PayPal setup page if you want the cart to send you an email when the customer pays.

The first thing to do is to check your email address very, very carefully. It's too easy to make a mistake; we all do it from time to time. Also don't forget that email can sometimes take hours to arrive. That's perfectly normal and just means your ISP's mail server is under maintenance.

However, it is an unfortunate fact that these notifications look almost identical to spam (in some ways they are!) and more and more ISPs are now blocking this type of message. The only thing you can do is either change email addresses or ask your ISP to create an exception for email originating from

Finally, email as a protocol is not 100% reliable. Most ISPs reckon to lose about 1 in 100 emails simply because of down-time on their mail or DNS servers. Some errors will mean that a message will be queued for up to five days but others will result in it being dropped immediately.

I do not recommend AOL, Yahoo and's mail services. They have been consistently unreliable recently, particularly at busy times. By contrast, the other major mail services like Hotmail, Gmail, etc. generally seem to be much better these days.

I get an error message "Userid not set".

The error message means you have a syntax problem in your links, usually when they are made with a hyperlink. Look at the source code in your browser. Common problems are:

  • A space or line break in the middle of the query string
  • & being replaced by &amp;
  • The field name is case sensitive and should be userid. For example; not Userid.
  • Are you sure that is your username?
  • You are using the wrong hostname; instead of

ERROR: Link verification failed

Login to Admin and go to Cart Setup >> Link verification, uncheck the checkbox and hit submit. Remove the field named hash from your Buy Now links.

Country codes

Many payment processors, including PayPal, require that the cart passes the country over as two letter ISO code. In that case the cart will use a drop downlist for the customer to select their country. Click here to view the list of ISO countries.


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