Detailed examples showing you how to setup a shopping cart. Make sure you check the FAQs, your question has probably been answered before.

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Shopping cart support




Use the Custom gateway setup wizard which can be found at the bottom of the Gateway selection page in Admin >> Cart setup. The only data you are asked for is your Merchant ID at Beanstream.

Once the initial configuration is done you will probably want to improve the Thank you/Decline pages. You can do that by entering HTML in the boxes at the bottom of the Custom Gateway setup page. There is no real limit on the amount of text you can enter. Don't try to load images remotely into these pages unless they are on a secure server.

Gateway setup

There are couple of changes you should make in your Admin area at

On the Payment form customization page select the options as indicated below. You can customize the rest of the form as you like. By default it is very basic but it works.

Beanstream setup

In Configuration >> Account settings >> Order settings enter the following URL for both Transaction Response pages:

where # corresponds to the server which your cart account is setup on.

Beanstream setup


Right column